Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let’s Do It!

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4 Steps to Leaping

Knees to the earth in prayer and praise

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Strengthen faith with unfailing promises in the Word...

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Reach out for His hand...

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Now leap!


NOTE:  A special thanks to my new DIL for introducing me to the song "Knees to the Earth" made the wedding processional one of the most moving ones I have ever seen!



  1. Such a beautiful song, thanks for sharing. I love this new blog sis.

    1. Thanks, sweet friend...this song is a new favorite of mine!

  2. Part I. (I exceeded my limit of characters... only I would do that)

    Ohhh Karen, I love KNEES TO THE EARTH and CHRISTY NOCKELS! and what a moving song choice in a wedding, no wonder you cried! Can't believe it was new to you but so glad that your new daughter in love has such great taste (in more than just the song)!!! (lol)

    I'm loving your new LOW but each one I chose to start with of the 8 that came up in GR seemed to not have comments open (which I totally get) and then the others were too deep or too high or too profound for me right now to share... but I did look around your "walls" and wondered if God had you looking in on the walls that they were putting up around here as you were inspired to start this new blog... with a great setupand start.
    I really like it! I was writing on WHY LEAPING? and I lost the comment and my time to clicking away... so here I am to capture the 4 steps to LEAPING!!!

    First off, although I truly do agree with these... starting out with "knees to the earth" is not really the best position to LEAP, in fact, I'd have to say it's near impossible to leap from your knees except if you're a frog (I guess) more of that later... however, prayer is definitely the start. For me to leap, I think my knees would not being bent on the ground, yet swung up in praise. And how often I forget that! My old knees, crack and have a hard time getting up from that position, yet it's definitely a humble start.

    And my, oh my, how I depend on the next two before the LEAP! Always reaching up to Papa as I know you and Denise bvoth do, too! I'm so thankful His hand is always outstretched for us. As for strengthening my faith with His Promises, I know that you know that's why Friday's "Faith Focus" is so important to me.

    1. Precious Peggy...I didn't even think about the correlation with your actual "walls" there, but that would be something! The Lord burned this scripture in my heart earlier in the year and it has been building up ever since...after the wedding, it seemed to be time to start sharing what He had been speaking to here it is...a work in progress...

      I had to laugh at the image you drew of leaping from the old knees do the same as yours...and although I love the picture of the woman kneeling in the forest with arms outstretched in praise, much of my praying is done by "kneeling in my heart"...and during/after prayer the natural progression is praise so being "knee deep" in praise is what it's all about!

  3. Part II.

    However, before the LEAP (at least in my case)something for you to consider with your walls since I'm now becoming an expert at walls I did not want built in the first place (we can and may have some serious conversation or blog exchanges on this someday)... I need the POWER and before that power, I need to CHISEL loose some stuff that does not belong. But who knows, maybe that's what you have in the other parts of this WALL blog I have yet to explore or maybe this idea on chiseling will open up some new ideas in your highly creative mind... I love the section called WORD where the battle is strengthened!!! Walls definitely are the obstacles that keep us from walking in God's power, strength and abundance BUT tearing down those walls, can be a lifelong process, after all, some of us have seen those walls being built for many years by the time we discover that some need to come down...yet we find security in those walls. Well, as for my walls, I never wanted them constructed and
    I literally cried as they began going up... and they reminded me of so many other walls in my life, but these walls were going to be blocking
    my view of some of God's joy and glory for me (the park across the street) but my what this represented to me, being walled in... for my protection? (they say) Yet some how even still, I find it hard and not to be at all what will protect me. Too much figurative writing in my experience here, yet I think God will use what I've shared here to further inspire you and your LEAPING OVER WALLS! I leaped long ago and now some of that has been taken from me... wall of control (maybe that's one I need you to consider here... I know God will be speaking to me about all your GREAT new ideas here. Thank you for building or tearing down WALLS! and wherever God is leading you with this powerful image.
    L.O.W. to the HEIGHTS... you really need to read "Hind Feet in High Places" (I'm kidding)... maybe analogies isn't your cup of tea. (I know differently however about you and your great skill and talent in writing) So God break through for Karen and give her some time to read and writebecause she has so much to share and is such an inspiration. This may be a great foundation for your first book, Karen!

    Love and God's est always...

    1. Looking forward to the day we can resume our talks and exchanges, Peggy...

      I LOVE your addition of POWER and CHISELING...we definitely need those...and yes, some walls we do deal with our entire lives...and may never "leap" over them until we "leap" into glory!

      Analogies have always been favorites of mine and I do still have the HFHP you sent me to I really appreciate the prayer for time to read!

      As always, sister, thank you for the kind words and the deep thoughts!


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