Sunday, January 1, 2012


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Wall of FEAR:

Wall of WORRY:

Wall of DOUBT:

Please share a testimony of walls you have leaped or ones you are facing now....others that stop by will be encouraged by your words and prayerful of your needs.....



  1. A wall that I have been facing, and continue to face is my health. But, my precious Father daily pours His strength into me, so I can keep on leaping. Praise God!!

    1. Lifting you up daily that our Father will shower you with restored health and renewed strength...and abundant grace to raise you higher!

  2. Blessings Karen...

    Thinking alot about WALLS! I will not personalize at this time (I'll have to give a testimony or many at a later time but as you know it'd be a book before I complete it) so just a list for now;some apply to me and some don't; ohhh let's face it, they all must or God would not have pressed them upon my thoughts:

    Walls of Rejection
    Walls of Rebellion
    Walls of Shame
    Walls of Idolatry
    Walls of Pride
    Walls of Unbelief
    Walls of Lies (believing them)
    Walls of Destructive Words or Criticism(kinda the same as lies but these are words of tongue power that crumble someone or devastate them or wound them)
    Walls of Prayerlessness (this one is not mine)
    Walls of Poverty (mentality) or Lack
    Walls of Victim (mentality)
    Walls of Insecurity
    Walls of Control
    Walls of Self Destruction
    Walls of Emotions
    Walls of People pleasing
    Walls that keep you locked in (?)
    Walls of the past or walls of wrong choices or walls of wounds...

    Maybe I'm not thinking correctly as to what you'd like to consider for "walls" but to me walls are anything that block you from flourishing and growing.

    We all need God's strength and grace to leap over these walls! Praise God that with Him we can LEAP and He defends us through these battles with self or others, but especially the enemy. Just love this
    verse from the Psalm for a new energy burst of power!

    Love ya'
    PS I love CEB version of Promise 90: Deuteronomy 4:31. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Wow, Peggy...what a great list! You have captured exactly what I have been led to share about on this blog...some of the walls you listed have been already thought upon, but many have not and will supply fresh ideas for future postings...I look forward to what the Lord will reveal in these!

      I love and appreciate you!

    2. So I'm on the right track?

      Some of the "walls" on my list stand between two or more people... so it's a wall for each side. And some of them are isolated walls just for the individual. But you get all of my "walls"? (meaning that you understood what I was referring to as being a wall)?

      I so love and appreciate you too sis! A blessed and holy Resurrection SONday! I added the news and linked to you in my SOS! Thanks for letting me know. I wanted to respond to your newest "Uncrossable Wall" which I love but I have to wait. Impenetrable! So thankful for the Lamb!
      So beautifully written! I have not been to cyber and everything has stacked up so weeding and sorting... but I'll be around. (They say only 1 more week of work left here on my walls, I'll believe it when I see it unless they plan to leave it in the mess it looks, which won't surprise me... but I sure feel like I'm in a "tomb" now. (sigh) ho hum...looking forward to Resurrection SONday! May yours be the very best for you with your loved ones!

      Love and hugs,

    3. Yes, there are many types of walls...looking forward to going deeper into all of them so we can encourage each other in what the Word says about them...

      Thanks for linking me to SOS and I trust your Easter was a blessed one!

      Here's hoping the work there will be finished sooner rather than later...


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