Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why am I Leaping?

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The walls in my house need painting.

It seems that regardless of age, the male species (at least in this household) must grab hold of door facings and corners to navigate through the house.

But I still love my walls....smudgy fingerprints and all.

They provide protection and comfort and I feel secure and relaxed within their borders.

But there are other walls...

Walls of my own making....

Walls of the enemy....

Walls of destiny...

Some are so high they block out the sun...

Some walls are erected daily.

Others for a season...

A few only once in a lifetime...

Walls require choices to be made.

Does one go around, climb over, burst through, or just stand there staring?

Sometimes you just don't know

But this is certain... 

 in HIS time

I will leap

With my God I will leap!

With you I can charge into battle;

with my God I can leap over a wall.



  1. Amen, amen!! To get over the wall, you must sometimes, go through it. I am ready to leap with you sis.

    1. Amen, Denise...with the Lord we will get over these walls!

  2. With you I can charge into battle;
    with my God I can leap over a wall.

    HALLELUJAH ANYHOW!!! (oops wrong blog for that expression)... so WOO HOO AMEN!!!

    Blessings Karen,

    Wonderful beginning! Such a wide range of "walls"!!! I think God has inspired you with a wonderful theme of walls... reminds me of Beth Moore's study with the obstacles last year... major walls!

    I look forward to what you build here or even tear down here but mostly for what God enables us to do as we LEAP! LOOKING EARNESTLY AHEAD2 POSTS

    I'm ready to L.O.W. any day now! Watching as Our Lord writes through you.
    I truly see the beginning of a great book here! See previous comment part I and II on another blog post.

    Does one go around, climb over, burst through, or just stand there staring?

    I've done all of the above...I think going through it (that Denise wrote) is what you meant by burst through but she is speaking also of just simply "going through" it... kinda enduring it(sigh)... and if we burst through it... we don't allow the full process but certainly get a impactful response. (maybe one we weren't ready for) yep, in HIS time...
    there's a song for that (it was the theme song of REBUILDERS - a marriage rebuilding support group that I tried but somethings can't be rebuilt when only one is open to trying or changing) (sorry 'nther topic) and I gotta go...) Truly you and your new blog captured my time and attention and I never got to my others, but I will, one day at a time, or hour at a time) Thanks Karen! For your encouraging words and hope building!

    Love, peace, hugs and prayers,

    1. Why, Peggy, we can shout hallelujah anyhow "anywhere"...praise the Lord for that!

      I totally get the "enduring" part...that's kind of like the "stand there staring" long as we are staring Him...we WILL make it through in His time...

  3. Hello Karen, The name you've chosen for you new blog is really super and I dearly love the reason behind the name. Wow, you had me grabbing for my Bible immediately to read through Psalm 18. I was greatly encouraged, thank you! Kingdom Blessings! KC

    1. Thank you, Kaycee...the Lord gave me the name right after this scripture was burned into my heart...go to 2 Samuel 22:30 for this awesome declaration from David again as he praises God for deliverance from his enemies...


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