Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Word on Walls of Doubt

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The Word on walls of doubt

Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him.
“You have so little faith,” Jesus said.
“Why did you doubt me?

But when you ask for something, you must have faith and not doubt.
Anyone who doubts is like an ocean wave tossed around in a storm.

When doubts filled my mind,
your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.

He greeted his disciples and said to Thomas, "Put your finger here and look at my hands! Put your hand into my side. Stop doubting and have faith!"

Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God.

Please share your favorite scripture on overcoming doubt to encourage others that stop by....I will be adding the verses to this page....



  1. Psalm 94:19 from the NLT really is a great comfort to me because I, like nearly everyone, have times of doubt and uncertainty. Other versions say "In the multitude of my anxieties..." and that's what happens to us when we get our eyes off of Jesus and onto our troubles or trials. Doubt is not our friend, but a great enemy and robber of the day's peace. Thanks for starting this new blog, dear friend. I know everyone who stops by will be blessed.

    1. Amen,'s hard sometimes to see past the immediate circumstances...and the enemy uses that loss of focus to throw doubts and confusion like darts at a board...but peace diverts those darts as soon as we claim God's promises and accept "His will be done"...

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing the blessing of your words!

  2. Matthew 21:21

    And Jesus answered them, “Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen.

    1. Amen, Denise...let's move those mountains!

  3. Hi Karen,
    Great blog idea! The following verse came to mind...

    Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”
    Mark 9:24 (NKJV)

    God bless you.

    1. Thank you, m.k. all comes from Him!

      I love this scripture you parents, we experience doubts concerning our children on many thankful for the Lord's reminder in this account that no matter how much we doubt in ourselves what can be changed in a situation, He is willing and able to do all things for those who believe....


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